Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have been enjoying shooting(photographing) ducks this winter. Bufflehead ducks are every where but I have yet to get a good picture, up to my standard. I found a redhead duck which is pretty rare around where I live. I really want to get a shot of a Pintail duck, which has been hanging around at the same park. Last weekend I went to point lookout in Long island and got lifer Harlequin and black scoters, great looking ducks. I want to go to Barnegat lighthouse, which is famous for its Harlequin ducks. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Hey BB,

    I haven't been out much this winter for any photography. The typical fare is here...Red-tails, Am Kestrels far a raptors are concerned. The ocassional ducks, if open water happend to be around. Typically, I center more on passerines. That is when I was running my feeding station and had my blind set up.

    Not a whole lot of bird activity here this winter...which stinks. I have also been workng way too many hours at work, which keeps me from doing any photography. whatever free time i have, I try to spend in the gym with my bodybuilding.

    I made a trip to the Upper peninsula on New Years in hopes to photograph Northern Hawk Owls. We found some, but were too far away to photograph. I did get some nice shots of the first state record for Yellow-billed Loon for our state though and some Bohemian Waxwings and Pine Grosbeaks.

    I am planning a trip to the Upper Peninsula in April/May to photograph migrating raptors. hopefully I will be able to get out around here beforte that...I'm going through withdrawls.

    Keep getting out there and keep shooting!! You are definitely getting better and better all the time. Looking forward to seeing more pics from your new toy :-)