Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long Island Birds

Went down to Long island yesterday. First stop was Heampstead Lake state park. We went for migrants but found nothing. I did find a blue gray knatccatcher nest which is pretty fun to watch. We were there on the 25th last year and had around 5 warblers. Aftere striking out at Hempstead we traveled to Oceanside marine study area. There are always birds there. We had yellow crowned night herons, tree swallows, osprey, yellowlegs,pectoral sandpiper. I got some pretty decent pictures. I hate this time of year where the sun gets so high in the sky.


  1. Just awesome osprey shots, Birdboy! I love how the talons are grasping what I suppose to be nesting material? If the light had been better these would have blown us all outta the water!
    How exciting to see that gnatcatcher nest! I think I may have seen one now that I see yours - but there wasn't a bird in it - just in the area. I'm going back to check it out - thank you! Great pics! We still haven't had many warblers return or pass through yet - even though spring is so far ahead this year.

  2. Very nice shots of that Osprey...I have a tough time with flight shots.

  3. Awesome photos Birdboy! That gnatcatcher nest is so cool..I have never seen one before!