Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Short Ears

At around 3:00 pm everyday the short ears will come up and start hunting. They roost all day in the ditches and tall grasses. At times twenty short ears will be flying around you. They make really funny sounds like little dogs. They play around with eachother, and lock talons. They are really fun to watch. They fly really weird, people say they fly like moths. When you see them on the ground they look tiny but their wings are huge when the fly. Heres some more pics!!


  1. I saw and photographed my first short-ears last April - what a thrill it is to watch them fly and hunt! Awesome, Birdboy!

  2. Hello Bird girl, i am glad you like the pictures! Its awesome to see them hunt. They fly really awkwardly. People say they fly like moths. The first time I ever saw one, was this year. Thanks for the comment,