Monday, March 2, 2009

Before I had my canon dslr, i used a video camera to record things i saw. here is a video i took last march. These peregrines nest on the palisades cliffs. It was very hard to follow them with the video camera. They went very fast. Hopefully this year i will get some good pictures of them. On my sidebar are more videos i took. Hope you like it



  1. Hey Bird Boy! Welcome to the blogging world. Love the falcon video. All the raptors and owls are great! One of my favorites, the rough-leg. A great winter bird around here too. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Oh don't forget to check out Hannibal at
    you'll really like him I'm sure.

  3. That was neat, Birdboy! I enjoyed watching this bird fly and land and fly into the cliffs! I got to see the nest in the Gulf building in Pittsburgh one year -- through one way glass - the peregrine is one awesome bird!

  4. Hi Birdboy! I'm trying to comment on your RLH picture above and when I click on comment NOTHING comes up? That has happened before - maybe it's my browswer? Anyway - try it and see if the comment from comes up for you.
    I'll try to get back for a comment later and hope it works!