Sunday, March 15, 2009

How not to get birds at your feeder

I built a platform feeder the other day. Its not the best but it seems like it can work. I was hoping to get some orioles this spring to come. Well there was one problem with the feeder. The cat was on patrol...

She sits under it for shade, but it gets worse.

She thinks it would be fun to get on it..

And then she laughs when she knocks it over.


  1. The best feeder for Baltimore Oriole are those that you slice an orange in half and then poke it through a dowel rod and they will come in the spring and eat the orange that way. I never saw them eat seed. You can go to my birds blog to this url and see the setup and an oriole on it. Just copy and paste the url into your browser.

    Abraham Lincoln
    My birds blog

  2. thing for sure...your little patrol cat will have to be banished to the house ;-) haha
    All you have to do is cut your oranges in half and take a Phillips head screw driver through the middle - then right down on those nails in your feeder - perfect! They love the grape jelly, too!
    Cute story!

  3. Awwwww kitty was just playing around but not a good thing if you are inviting birds to the feeder. I find the higher the feeder for Orioles the better they like it at my house. I put oranges on top of my shepherd's hook and on the top of the 4x4 that holds my swing out back. Don't get discouraged it sometimes takes more than one season to entice them to come. But when they do it's worth every thing you've done. Love your blog.