Monday, September 28, 2009

More Merlins

Im telling you go to fire island on a north wind and you will get birds. We had 20 merlins and 40 kestrels migrating that day. We also had 7 sharpies, which i have one picture of. The Merlins came in but kestrels are sissy falcons and stay away. One of the merlins was eating on the wing, meaning he was flying while eating. End of september means peregrines will start moving. I may take this wednesday off of school if it is good weather! I was there two years ago and had 60 peregrines in one day. and 100 merlins. Well enjoy some more of these pictures. My favorite shot is the first one where he was banking and i got his back!

below is the sharp shinned hawk


  1. That is an amazing set of pictures!

  2. Hi Birdboy! So glad you see you posting - long time no see ;-)
    These are just to die for! Where is this island? Wonderful, bravo! Yes, do take off a day from school and bring us some more!

  3. Birdboy! i am so impressed by your photography! Wonderful captures!

  4. Just found your blog and am totally loving all of your FABULOUS raptor photos! Awesome Merlin shots!