Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bird Boys Back

hello, Everyone, I am now back for some more bird posts! I have had a really busy summer. I am now into junior year and it is really hard. Therefore I needed my sleep and havent had time to post :) Well I didnt bird much either. Now its mid september or end of it, the hawks are in full force. I went shorebirding for one of my first times ever at Jamaica bay this august. I got some really cool shots of least sandpipers. I also got some awesome merlin shots last week at fire island which gave me the inspiration to post today. these are only half the merlin shots, I will post the rest soon. BirdBoy


  1. Glad to see you are back posting. Summer is a slow time for all of us I think! Your pictures are priceless... Love these flight shots with the detail you've captured.

  2. Hey Friend!

    I was wondering about you, why you hadn't posted in a while. I was hoping ya didn't give up birding or photography.

    Your Merlin pics are outstanding! I am pretty jealous actually :-) I have been a hawk watcher and counter for 30 years...Merlins are amongst my favorites!!

    This is a species I haven't had much luck with in photographing...especially in flight. They move pretty fast.

    The Merlins I get at my hawkwatch here are usually too far away.

    I can't wait to see more of your shots of this fantastic species.


  3. Super photos - maybe the best photos you have posted. At the hawk watch near me, Merlin is just a flash - here and gone. Rarely have I seen one do anything but truck across the ridge. Super, super, super!

  4. Nice to have you back at the blog!
    Those Merlin shots sure are very good and I've missed your photography. Looking forward to - hopefully - see you blog more frequently again, so don't take me as an example :-)

  5. I must have missed this, Birdboy! These are some of the most awesome poses and what we ALL try to get - you have done absolutely fantastic with these - you've nowhere to go but UP! LOVE ALL OF THESE SHOTS!!!

  6. Excellent ..glad you are back even if it is just once and a blue moon..Great shots..have never been to fire island and have no clue where it is.