Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Green Heron

This summer I took a trip to ocean side marine park. It is pretty much a heron heaven. There are numerous black crowned night herons, green herons, and yellow crowned night herons. I got pictures of all three. The immature black crowned herons are ugly. I got some awesome flight shots of them but they are hideous haha. The green herons are good looking birds. I am thinking of upgrading my camera setup, to maybe a 400mm lens. These shots are taken with canon xsi and 300mm.


  1. a very good series - as for upgrading your camera, I say go for it. But be warned: you'll always want a little longer reach, and a little better lens. I love my 100-400, but .... !!

  2. These are really beautiful - you must have been very close to get such nice shot with your 300mm. I would love to upgrade to a 400, too (someday). You have such a nice start for a young guy. Great birds and great photos! Bravo, BirdBoy!