Monday, November 9, 2009

Long--Tailed Duck !!!!!!!!!

The feeling is great when you find a rare bird. I went to croton point park and got this magnificent duck. They are mainly found in salt water, but this guy prefers brackish water. Everything played out perfectly. Its a male which is a big plus, and it was close. Most ducks are boring but these and harlequin ducks are my favorite. It was fun watching my dive and swim under water. And again with a converter or 400mm i would have had this duck at the perfect distance.

here is the duck submerging
Here you can see him underwater...kinda :)


  1. Congrats on this duck! I've never seen one but he is very cool indeed! I don't know how you could've gotten much closer - great shooting!

  2. well done, nice shots.
    btw, LTDUs don't care whether the water is salty or not at all.
    I've seen them in everything from pure fresh water (Lake Michigan) to super salty water (the Atlantic ocean.). as long as there's food around, they don't care. :D

  3. Very good photos! and still in more or less breeding plumage. I usually see them when they are mostly white in the cold NE waters.

  4. Great shots!! I am still waiting to see one...