Thursday, July 2, 2009


Its summer!! that means sleep and eat and bird. I went to the palisades cliffs to watch a nesting pair of peregrines. By this time the young are about to fledge.While I was watching them and they mated? That usually means the first brood did not survive and they would try again. That means i got the whole summer to watch the peregrines. I managed to get a few shots even though here in NY the weather stinks. It goes from sunny to hail back to sunny in 5 minutes. Well these two pictures are good silhouettes. if you look up and see a black object like this it may be a peregrine falcon :)


  1. Those really are perfect silhouettes and I am surprised by the shape of the tail...I would love to see peregrines flying in the sky! Hope to see more of these from you, Birdboy! Nothing worse than an overcast day to try and get a bird high in the sky - next time keep your fingers crossed for a nice blue sky and some sun for detail ;-) You sure did a nice job in stopping the action, though!

  2. They are nice to see in the sky and free.

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