Monday, June 22, 2009


The part I like most about birding is using knowledge to find birds. There is one part of my town in which there are huge powerlines that have great habitat underneath. I drive by it all the time and I cringe because I want to survey it. Well I finally did and now I go alot. Birdgirl would love this place because there are numerous prairie warblers. They are everywhere. There is also a good amounts of blue winged warblers, orioles, indigo buntings, and towhees, and bluebirds. The biggest surprise was a fledgling screech owl, that was in a bush not 4 feet off the ground. Ofcourse I didnt have my camera. I feel if you put the camera in the car the birds will come out. URghhh

Well here are some songbird picturess!


  1. You're right Birdboy! I WOULD love that place!Can't seem to find any prairie warblers around here. Although, they supposedly like to hang out at Christmas tree farms in the young evergreen I might look there.
    Love your bluebird in flight and the Indigo bunting is just perfection!!!
    You really got the eye stripe on that prairie, too!

  2. Hi Birdboy: You asked if that window was at my home and no! it's not. Actually it's where I work in a small town. This is the second year I documented the Kestrels.. The nest is in a building behind where I work and the tree is visible right out of the office window. If you type Kestrels in my search line you will get more pictures than you ever want to see.. Thank you for stopping by.

    word of advice: NEVER ever leave home without your camera. It's as important as your car keys. haha Would have loved to see the owl baby!!

  3. Wow. You do have some striking images in this posting. I like the blue bird.

  4. As much as I hate powerlines, you are right - they create habitat for a lot of great species. If we had uninterrupted forest, our variety of birds would be much more limited. Some of our favorites (and you photographed them) like brushy habitats and edge. Unfortunately, they also create edges in the forest that invite cowbirds.

  5. You do have a collection of birds that are amazing. I assume the power lines do no damage to those under it. There were concerns about them over or close to people's homes around here and that investigation caused my wife's sister to want to move. But before they really could get around to selling out and moving, she got breast cancer and died.

    I have a bird I cannot identify on my birds blog. If you get time, take a look.

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