Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Raptor extravaganza

This past weekend i went to a big falconry gathering here in New York. It was awesome, there had to be atleast 50 different birds of prey. It gave some good oppurtunities to get portrait shots of raptors i would never get in the wild. They had birds including Goshawks,snowy owls, Gyrfalcons, all sorts of hybrid falcons, Hawks, Pretty much everything. It really made me want to become a falconer. Well I got a lot of pictures so this may take two posts :)

Below is a Hybrid falcon of some sort

Below is a red tail with a beautiful red background

The coolest part of the day was when one of the falconers flew his falcon. he swumg his lure around and the falcon would dive extremely fast! and hit the lure. I got the perfect shot feet out and u can see the lure in the left part of frame, he was flying so fast it was too hard to focus on it


  1. Excellent Images, well done.

  2. You sure do get around, Birdboy! My hubby is a falconer but he hasn't had a hawk for years. He used to bring his Red-tail right into the living room and tell me it needed to get used to people...I wanted to kill him ;-)
    Great photos!

  3. good stuff here! Raptors are my favorites and have been since I was a little kid...