Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blackburnian sweeetnesss

Blackburnian warblers are such awesome birds. I saw and photographed my first one up in vermont during memorial day weekend. Their song its awesome too. It was in this huge stand of pines that made photography very hard. It was so dark and I had no flash. Luckily He hopped into sunlight a few times giving me some oppurtunities. Defenitely one of my new favorite warblers. Hope you like them too!


  1. The Halloween warbler - how exciting! You are so lucky to get so close to a warbler that likes tall trees with a closed canopy! Beautifully done - I am so impressed, Birdboy!

  2. Awesome photos birdboy! I wish I could take photos of those warblers..but they flit around so fast...i will catch one yet...