Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Black throated green warbler

Another shot from Vermont. These birds were numerous on the street. Sadly I only got one picture of a black throated green. I was very lucky the BTG came down on a rock. Luckily my camera got a clean sharp shot of it. Atleast I got one nice shot insted of nothing.The next post will be Blackburnian, and they are my favorite. I got some pretty sweet shots of Blackburnian. I think one of the coolest looking warblers.


  1. What a trip you must have had - I'll say you were lucky to have this guy land on a rock right in front of the camera - so nicely composed with the grass coming up on the background to the right - WOW!

  2. Whoa!! how do you get these little guys out of the tops of the trees? Great photo

  3. Wow..what great birds you saw on this trip! great photo!