Sunday, December 13, 2009

Countdown begins!!!!

This is probably the most exciting post I have made so far.In my recent posts I have talked a bunch about wanting a 400mm f5.6 canon lens. Well Bird-Boy has made a financial plan and is a week away from shootting with a 400mm lens. Hopefully my picture level will increase and I will get some awesome results. I will treat it like a baby.My friend let me use his 400mm f5.6 on my body and it worked awesome:pictures below.

Wish me Luck!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Long--Tailed Duck !!!!!!!!!

The feeling is great when you find a rare bird. I went to croton point park and got this magnificent duck. They are mainly found in salt water, but this guy prefers brackish water. Everything played out perfectly. Its a male which is a big plus, and it was close. Most ducks are boring but these and harlequin ducks are my favorite. It was fun watching my dive and swim under water. And again with a converter or 400mm i would have had this duck at the perfect distance.

here is the duck submerging
Here you can see him underwater...kinda :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Green Heron

This summer I took a trip to ocean side marine park. It is pretty much a heron heaven. There are numerous black crowned night herons, green herons, and yellow crowned night herons. I got pictures of all three. The immature black crowned herons are ugly. I got some awesome flight shots of them but they are hideous haha. The green herons are good looking birds. I am thinking of upgrading my camera setup, to maybe a 400mm lens. These shots are taken with canon xsi and 300mm.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

blackpoll warbler-lifer

I got a lifer this past weekend. A blackpoll warbler! Although it isnt the pretty spring molt, its a good bird. He must have been tired from a long night trip, because he sat on the ground and let me get really close. Heres some pictures :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peregrines-fire island

Birdboy does have some luck sometimes. I have been to fire 4 times in the past 3 years, and have hit 3 amazing days. Well saturday was another amazing day. The winds were north west so i left my house at 6 30 to get down there. We got there at 8 and the birds started moving. At the end of the day we had a total of 65 peregrines!!!!!! that is the second most peregrines that ever flew by the hawk site. Not jut peregrines but a total of 160 merlins. It was a lot of fun to see these birds. I didnt get amazing photos to post as it never got sunny, but maybe thats why the birds moved.. who knows. But friday night i knew i had to be there. I had a feeling god wanted me to be there. Thanks bud! My soccer practice got cancelled, I found a ride by some birders, it was all looking good! Well the next two weeks are when the adult male merlins move. They call them blue jacks, with there beautiful blue backs. Well here are some of my shots!

We had a good assortment of adult and immature birds. Below are some audlts hsot followed by adults

Below is a picture my Friend James Vellozzi took at fire island last year. This is a blue jack, the back is a nice gray blue. James takes some awesome raptor photos, and teaches me a lot. His website is

Monday, September 28, 2009

More Merlins

Im telling you go to fire island on a north wind and you will get birds. We had 20 merlins and 40 kestrels migrating that day. We also had 7 sharpies, which i have one picture of. The Merlins came in but kestrels are sissy falcons and stay away. One of the merlins was eating on the wing, meaning he was flying while eating. End of september means peregrines will start moving. I may take this wednesday off of school if it is good weather! I was there two years ago and had 60 peregrines in one day. and 100 merlins. Well enjoy some more of these pictures. My favorite shot is the first one where he was banking and i got his back!

below is the sharp shinned hawk

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bird Boys Back

hello, Everyone, I am now back for some more bird posts! I have had a really busy summer. I am now into junior year and it is really hard. Therefore I needed my sleep and havent had time to post :) Well I didnt bird much either. Now its mid september or end of it, the hawks are in full force. I went shorebirding for one of my first times ever at Jamaica bay this august. I got some really cool shots of least sandpipers. I also got some awesome merlin shots last week at fire island which gave me the inspiration to post today. these are only half the merlin shots, I will post the rest soon. BirdBoy

Sunday, July 12, 2009

peregrines take 2

I had a lot better luck with the peregrines this past week. I cant say a lot better because I still havent achieved what I want from them, but thats me being greedy. Atleast these pictures the belly of the peregrine look white inseatd of black, which is good haha. I like good pictures of the peregrines in which their white body is against the brown cliff, photographer Steve Sachs who takes way better pictures than me :)has great pictures of these peregrines on his website Hope you like

We arrived at the nest at 7 and by the looks of the peregrines crop it most likely already hunted.

Full frame of the peregrine with top of cliff in background

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Its summer!! that means sleep and eat and bird. I went to the palisades cliffs to watch a nesting pair of peregrines. By this time the young are about to fledge.While I was watching them and they mated? That usually means the first brood did not survive and they would try again. That means i got the whole summer to watch the peregrines. I managed to get a few shots even though here in NY the weather stinks. It goes from sunny to hail back to sunny in 5 minutes. Well these two pictures are good silhouettes. if you look up and see a black object like this it may be a peregrine falcon :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


The part I like most about birding is using knowledge to find birds. There is one part of my town in which there are huge powerlines that have great habitat underneath. I drive by it all the time and I cringe because I want to survey it. Well I finally did and now I go alot. Birdgirl would love this place because there are numerous prairie warblers. They are everywhere. There is also a good amounts of blue winged warblers, orioles, indigo buntings, and towhees, and bluebirds. The biggest surprise was a fledgling screech owl, that was in a bush not 4 feet off the ground. Ofcourse I didnt have my camera. I feel if you put the camera in the car the birds will come out. URghhh

Well here are some songbird picturess!