Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long Island Birds

Went down to Long island yesterday. First stop was Heampstead Lake state park. We went for migrants but found nothing. I did find a blue gray knatccatcher nest which is pretty fun to watch. We were there on the 25th last year and had around 5 warblers. Aftere striking out at Hempstead we traveled to Oceanside marine study area. There are always birds there. We had yellow crowned night herons, tree swallows, osprey, yellowlegs,pectoral sandpiper. I got some pretty decent pictures. I hate this time of year where the sun gets so high in the sky.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Early warbler

Palm warblers are always one of the first warblers to reach Ny state. I also have had pine warblers singing in my backyard lately. These shots are of a Palm warbler that is almost in fully breeding plumage. Soon the warblers will arrive in numbers and BirdBoy will be doing work. Expect a lot of pictures this may.
My schedule
early may-central park a few times
mid may-capemay weekend
end of may- northern vermont