Monday, June 22, 2009


The part I like most about birding is using knowledge to find birds. There is one part of my town in which there are huge powerlines that have great habitat underneath. I drive by it all the time and I cringe because I want to survey it. Well I finally did and now I go alot. Birdgirl would love this place because there are numerous prairie warblers. They are everywhere. There is also a good amounts of blue winged warblers, orioles, indigo buntings, and towhees, and bluebirds. The biggest surprise was a fledgling screech owl, that was in a bush not 4 feet off the ground. Ofcourse I didnt have my camera. I feel if you put the camera in the car the birds will come out. URghhh

Well here are some songbird picturess!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

bird boys perspective

I havent talked really about where I am located. I do pretty local walks. I am located a mile from the Hudson River.This is awesome because it is a major flyway for birds. Sadly no warblers move through my yard :( Across the river on the palisadesis where I count hawks every fall. Now I have my camera i will be posting some awesome shots. We put up a fake Owl and the hawks will dive bomb it for awesome pictures. The palisades is also awesome for peregrines.
Below is taken from a high street in Ossining my town.
It is a picture of the palisades side of river and croton point park
Croton point park is very famous for birds. I recently found out, this is where Peterson was when he decided to make the field guide.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Raptors part 2!

here are some more pictures from the feastival last weekend. My favorite picture is the Eagle Owl face shot. His eyes are awesome red orange.

Below is a Goshawk

Peregrine falcon Does anyone know why the breast is orangey?

A funny looking snowy owl

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Raptor extravaganza

This past weekend i went to a big falconry gathering here in New York. It was awesome, there had to be atleast 50 different birds of prey. It gave some good oppurtunities to get portrait shots of raptors i would never get in the wild. They had birds including Goshawks,snowy owls, Gyrfalcons, all sorts of hybrid falcons, Hawks, Pretty much everything. It really made me want to become a falconer. Well I got a lot of pictures so this may take two posts :)

Below is a Hybrid falcon of some sort

Below is a red tail with a beautiful red background

The coolest part of the day was when one of the falconers flew his falcon. he swumg his lure around and the falcon would dive extremely fast! and hit the lure. I got the perfect shot feet out and u can see the lure in the left part of frame, he was flying so fast it was too hard to focus on it

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blackburnian sweeetnesss

Blackburnian warblers are such awesome birds. I saw and photographed my first one up in vermont during memorial day weekend. Their song its awesome too. It was in this huge stand of pines that made photography very hard. It was so dark and I had no flash. Luckily He hopped into sunlight a few times giving me some oppurtunities. Defenitely one of my new favorite warblers. Hope you like them too!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Black throated green warbler

Another shot from Vermont. These birds were numerous on the street. Sadly I only got one picture of a black throated green. I was very lucky the BTG came down on a rock. Luckily my camera got a clean sharp shot of it. Atleast I got one nice shot insted of nothing.The next post will be Blackburnian, and they are my favorite. I got some pretty sweet shots of Blackburnian. I think one of the coolest looking warblers.