Sunday, July 12, 2009

peregrines take 2

I had a lot better luck with the peregrines this past week. I cant say a lot better because I still havent achieved what I want from them, but thats me being greedy. Atleast these pictures the belly of the peregrine look white inseatd of black, which is good haha. I like good pictures of the peregrines in which their white body is against the brown cliff, photographer Steve Sachs who takes way better pictures than me :)has great pictures of these peregrines on his website Hope you like

We arrived at the nest at 7 and by the looks of the peregrines crop it most likely already hunted.

Full frame of the peregrine with top of cliff in background

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Its summer!! that means sleep and eat and bird. I went to the palisades cliffs to watch a nesting pair of peregrines. By this time the young are about to fledge.While I was watching them and they mated? That usually means the first brood did not survive and they would try again. That means i got the whole summer to watch the peregrines. I managed to get a few shots even though here in NY the weather stinks. It goes from sunny to hail back to sunny in 5 minutes. Well these two pictures are good silhouettes. if you look up and see a black object like this it may be a peregrine falcon :)