Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial weekend excitement

Bird-boy is ready for this upcoming weekend. I have been waiting for this for 2 months. My birding extravanganza. I am goin up to the the warbler breeding ground in vermont. My uncle owns a cabin on a huge mountain road in southern vermont. The habitat is unbeleivable. There are possibably 5 houses and millions of birds. Well I hope there is. The road has all habitats. At the base is a hgue field with nesting bobolinks. Then you wake your way up a stream wetland habitat, more fields, and dense dense conifers. My uncle is a birder and says its awesome. SOme key warblers he said nesting that I am excited for is Blackburnian,canada,magnolia,bt green, bt blue. Its a bird-boys candyshop. Wish me luck and i hope to come home with some beautiful shots.

Bird-boys anger--- Maybe I am excited because my warbler luck in New york sucks. This blue winged warbler shot i got the other day. He was singing right at me. When i took the shot a leaf must have swayed in fornt of his face urrrrrrrrrgggggg


  1. Still a nice shot!! I'm jealous!! Have a gret time in Vermont!! May your lens be full of warbler and other great birds! Looking forward to seeing your shots!


  2. I am so excited for you! Wish I has a birding uncle with all those warblers nesting near by! I wish you the best of luck seeig and photographing your bobolinks and warblers (remember...those bobolinks sound just like R2D2)
    By the way - leaf or not leaf...htat blue wing picture is to die for!!! Wow! I got a couple shots of the blue-wing in WV and they SUCK!

  3. I've been out the last two morning, and the birds are busy, but tough to see in the canopy. coaxed an Ovenbird out in the open. I'll be out tomorrow too. Good luck!

  4. Warblers are the most frustrating birds to photograph...You can see them but just try and get a good shot! You did good even with the leaf!! Can't wait to see what you get in VT...

  5. I must admit you have good luck in your photos. I like this one too. Nice post.

    A very nice post on Memorial Day. Sadly, it no longer honors all the dead but shifts the emphasis on veterans. I served during the Korean War but I still think our old "Decoration Day" was more meaningful and I wrote about it.

    My look back to the good old days on Decoration Day