Monday, May 4, 2009

Warbler Madness

I went to Jamaica Bay again this weekend. It was crazy. I spent along time training my bird songs. It was almost usless. There were so many birds calling I had no clue where to start. I had around 13 lifers. Unfortuneally it was very gloomy and almost impossible to get a picture of birds with such little light. There were tree swallows all around. I had fun taking pictures of them and the house wrens.

This one was very upset the tree swallow stole his house :(

Bird List
black and white
common yellow
chesnut sided
black throated green
black throated blue
blue winged
ruby crowned kinglet
white eyed vireo
blue headed vireo
white crowned sparrow
green winged teal
baltimore oriole
orchard oriole
rose breasted grosbreak
scarlet tanager
great crested flycatcher
tree swallow
rough winged swallow
chimney swift
barn swallow


  1. You sure had a good weekend at Jamaica Bay - good list. I saw many of the same and more on my birdie vacation at the New River Bird & Nature Festival in West VA. It was AWESOME! But I am overwhelmed with pictures - so it will be a while 'til I post some.
    Good stuff, Birdboy - love your singing wren!

  2. You do have a nice selection of birds on your list. Some I have here in my backyard, from time to time. Nice post.

  3. Pretty decent photos for such a gloomy day. What camera are you using? As for bird songs - be patient. I've been working on them for 30 years. I think this spring Warbling Vireo has finally clicked. But Yellow-rump still is confusing.

  4. Wow..great birds you saw. You took very nice photos as well...
    The wren photo is great.