Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vermont birds!

Vermont was a lot of fun. I had big expectations and it turned out to be great. We ended up with 14 warbler species. Both waterthrushes seen in back yard. Black throated blue and greens were all over the place.Chesnut sided were also everywhere. There was 5 or so blackburnians throughout the different conifer grooves. We had parula this morning as we left so i never got a good picture. Of course i did not get a magnolia warbler... or canada. The habitat wasnt good for them but o well.On the bottom of road theres a field that had 5 bobolinks, and a alder flycatcher near by. 4 thrushes: hermit,wood,veery,swainsons. Magnolia warbler seems to be my nemesis bird. And big thanks to birdgirl because the R2D2 thing totally helped find me a Bobolink :)

I got good pictures of black throated green, black throated blue, blackburnian, and chesnut sided. Ill start off with the chesnut sides

He turned around on the perch giving some cool oppurtunities to get back shots.


  1. These are really nice! Glad you had a good trip.

  2. That Chestnut sides is beautiful. I live in Vermont for many years...unfortunately..I didn't take the opportunity to "look up"..


  3. Glad you had such a great and rewarding time! I really like your Chestnut-sided singing!!

  4. Birdboy!!! What a drop dead gorgeous picture you got of that Chestnut-sided!!! I am so jealous! My pics of that bird are so far away ya can't even tell what it is - woooooo-hooooo!! YIPPEE!! I'm so glad your trip turned out to be a winner! Even the branch looks great!

  5. Lynne-Thanks for the comment!
    Carol- Thanks for stopping in. You dont always have to look up, chesnut sided warblers ahve the umistakable please please please to meet you call
    Jeff- Thanks I was happy i got one of him singing!
    Birdgirl-WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO for you and your goldenwinged warbler

  6. I have never seen this bird but its quite beautiful. I got excited when I read your comment on my birds blog about the possibility the Northern Parula Warbler might be a bay breasted warbler. So I checked again and wrote this comment on my birds blog under the parent and baby starling post where you commented...


  7. great weekend, with the birds busy everywhere - and what a great collection you had - both waterthrushes in backyard. All of them are tough to see because they're so busy, and often up high - rest up your warbler neck

  8. Wow! Great shots birdboy. These warblers are hard to get!

  9. Wow...Just a few posts down you were complaining of not being able to get good shots of these small birds..
    You sure didn't have any trouble here!