Monday, May 18, 2009

Small birds in flight....too hard

I find it almost impossible to get a passerine in flight. They are so fast and unpredictable. Every picture I ahve of a small bird in flight is quite horrible. There is something that always can go wrong. I had a scarlet tanager as you can see below, perfectly in focus off the branch... too bad i was on the worst possible shutter speed making the red bird look black.

The parairie warbler is just bad

Swallow out of frame

Yellow warbler that can be confused with a plane.


  1. Yes, Birdboy, photographing passerines in flight is very difficult. I still haven't gotten the knck for it yet. Keep trying and keep shooting! That's the beauty of can keep shooting without wasting all that film like the old days. I was trying to photography flying hummingbirds in Arizona last week...another tough feat, if I say so myself. I posted a response to your comment on my Arizona trip on my blog, so check it out.

  2. LOL..I have the same problem..try as I may they all seem to be blurry and sometime not in the picture at all..very difficult ..I now have a new appreciation for those pictures that capture the little passerines.

  3. Yes, are brutally honest and we all have the same problem - some of us get lucky now and then but still - it is REALLY tough! I trash hundreds of pictures every photo shoot - and only a few good ones...sometimes a great one. Do you use an ipod to get the birds to come closer? I try not to bother the same bird twice - and if I don't hear the bird in the area - I don't bother - but it WORKS!