Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brawl of the Hawks

Yesterday i went to a local park that has a large field. It contains bunches of kestrels during the migration time. There were 3 or 4 yesterday. But they dont like me. We would walk on side of the field and none would be there. So we look and yup they are on the other side of the field. So we make are way to the other side. With out us seeing we look back and they are now hovering where we stood 2 minutes ago. 4 kestrels and not one pictures yesterday, well ill try again today. The coolest part of yesterday was a male harrier, he usually flew by relatively close. when i was leaving him and a red tail started going at it. The red tail took the harriers attention off me and i took some shots. Harriers have been a hard species to get pictures of.

A little out of focus but i got the two in the same frame

the harrier dipped and dived


  1. Nice job on the pix! I know what you mean about stalking a bird that doesn't want you near. Frustrating!

  2. Great shots of these birds!! How lucky were you to be able to get two diff raptors in one pic!!
    Must have been quite a sight!

  3. Very cool harrier shots! How exciting to see the red-tail and harrier together!
    About the kestrels - they are tough...if you can find country roads where you know they live...and hang out on wires...then you can drive by a lot and you WILL get those shots you want! That's what I do...eventually you get pictures. Good job, Birdboy!