Saturday, April 25, 2009

Warblers Back In Town

Took a birding trip over to Jamaica Bay and Hempstead Lake state park. It is still a little early but we had some nice birds. I had two life birds today.. YAYAYA I spent all winter practicing my warbler calls and it paid off. We started at Jamaica Bay where it seemed slow. I am hopefully going next weekend. We had A black crowned night heron, myrtle and yellow warblers. I perfectly knew the yello warblers song... sweet sweeet so so sweet. They were hard to get pictures of. Then we left for Hempstead. We had yellow and palm right off the bat, but for some reason did not get a picture. Then we started the walk. And my warbler calls paid off again. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BEEEEEEEE. I yelled blue winged warbler. The darn thing never left the bushes, teasing us with his song. Then we had a Blue headed vireo. It was awesome looking. One of my life birds. I got one good picture of him. Then right before we got into car, I heard a crazy call> Prairie warbler> had some cool photo ops with this guy. LAst pictures are best
Below is the Yellow Warbler and Yellow rumped Warbler

Blue headed vireo below

Here starts the awesome prairie warbler


  1. Great stuff. All the snaps are very nice.

  2. These are all just fabulous finds and the photos are good to see too. Nice blog.

  3. Awesome! Great shots of very difficult birds to photograph!

  4. Aren't these little buggers hard to get - they just never stop moving and flitting! You did a great job and YES ...your studies paid off - good work!