Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What warbler are you aiming for this spring

You dont understand how these past two months felt knowing warblers were on their way. I started birding two years ago and was mainly into raptors. Now i am starting to branch off into other birds. Therefore this will be my first big spring for warblers. I have all the spots ready to be checked out. Im getting my calls down. The biggest problem for me is telling the diffference between the magnolia and the hooded warbler haha what a bird nerd!! Well Magnolia has to be my favorite warbler. I have never seen one but i really want to. My bud James Vellozzi went to Main last year and got amazing shots of magnolia and blackburnian warblers. He also got some awesome shots of cerulean here in NY. These are three species i have never seen but i am hoping to see this spring.

Here are pictures James vellozzi took of these species. He is still updating his new website but sent me these shots through email last year. His website If anyone is wondering hes the one that took the header shot. I missed that day :(

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  1. Warblers are my favorite birds...I love seeing them all...cant wait to see more here in NC. I dont have a good enough camera to capture I spend all my time looking thru the bins.