Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some more Tail

Here is another set of pictures from the very cooperative Red-tail. This was at a local park so he is very calm around humans. If only Rough legged Hawks were like this. I find this time of year is abd and boring for birds. Its too later for winter birds and too early for the migrants. Maybe i should use this time to pay attention in school :)


  1. Very nice photographs.

    I know you missed seeing the crow laying out those peanuts on the limb for the lookout crow to eat, so I went back and added that link to the original post. I hope you can find the time to return to My Birds Blog and see this.

  2. Nice shots for sure!
    I especially like the way your blog is evolving, you're writing a bit more now to present a story frame for your great pictures.

  3. Ya know what, Birdboy...you are right in a way about the boredom. This small window of time waiting for changes to take place can get boring. But our Osprey just came back...the Kingfisher are being seen more often...and the warblers are popping up here and there ;-)
    The Red-tail females are sitting on eggs about to hatch - maybe you should follow this awesome creature and see if you can find a nest!!!
    Beautiful pictures - wow - to be able to crop in like this and still be so detailed and sharp is amazing - great work!!!

  4. A very interesting blog you have, Bird boy! Hopefully you will see quite a few new birds and new bird behavior in the next several days..
    I just came from watching a kestrel nest box..the male was hunting and it was pretty neat to watch him hover and swoop to find food for her!!