Monday, March 23, 2009

Peregrine with Prey

You are lucky when you can get to see peregrines hunt. They are so fast and very successful hunters. It is always fun to see what the peregrines hunt, Here is a picture i took a of peregrine with a bird in its talons. Its a pretty bad picture but you can see red on it.
Photographer Steve sachs has some cool pictures of peregrines with birds in its talons. Below is a picture he took with a oriole in its talons. his website with tons of raptor photos here


  1. Wonderful photos! (I had to come over here after I saw your funny comment on bird girls blog!!) :-)

  2. I popped over from Bird Girl's blog. Great photographs. So sad the Peregrine had to take an oriole. Wish we could give them a list of birds we'd rather see them take.