Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Red tails mating

I had a very unusual encounter at a local park this weekend. A Red tail was sitting right above me in a tree. I started taking pictures when through my view screen another red tail landed on her. I didnt know what was going on at first until i realized they were mating. As awkward as it was i stood there and took pictures. I thought someone would think they were cool. The female Hawk has only one eye and has survived like that for three years.


  1. As birdgirl said.... great photos. Being an 'old gramma' I can get away in saying " Even a one eyed gal can have a good time with her mate" haha
    I caught some Kestrels last year copulating and it was an awesome feeling to see into their personal behavior.

  2. Great pics... spring is in the air!

  3. This is incredible and amazing! Well done! And glad to hear the one eyed female has no problem surviving in this world!