Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Before the red shoulders on sunday, it was dark and gloomy. We made a trip to the local peregrines. Luckily they are very close to the hawk watch. Above the cliffs thousands of red winged black birds were migrating north. The Peregrines kept flying back and chasing them. They chased crows, and almost caught a bird in my camera view. Well these are the shots i got, I will hopefully get a lot of better oppurtunities. If you know about cameras, i had to shoot at iso 1600 :(


  1. I must say, Wow. Nice shots. I will have to subscribe to your blog. It is nice to see.

    I have brought back my hawks blog. Blogger saved the name for me. I have started posted in it again and have a lot of pictures yet to post.

  2. Since I was here in March, I have taken the hawk blog down and only use the My Birds Blog for my bird photos.